Friday, May 7, 2010

Pssst.....Pssst....Have U All Heard...? all cake decoraters.....Have you all heard......BIG NEWS my friends.....
Lorraine McKay of Extra Icing is coming to year. How do I know this?
I was thanking her for her free video tutorial and candidly invited her to come to Malaysia and do her workshop here. To my plesent surprise she answered ' I AM coming to year'. I was dancing with happiness in front of the computer.
Lorraine McKay, to me is a Goddess of Cake Decorating, a true Master of Figure Modelling. She is my IDOL. Visit her blog - and have a look at all her work. So detailed.....sooooo will understand why I think she's a Goddess.
I haven't got the details of her visit to Malaysia yet but I will keep you all updated on this.

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